We Say Revolution (Beatriz Preciado)

It seems that the old gurus of colonial Europe are bent on wanting to explain to the activists of the Occupy, Indignados, dis-trans-queer-lesbian-intersex and post-porn movements that we cannot be revolutionary because we have no ideology. They say ‘ideology’ exactly like my mother said ‘husband’. Well, we need neither ideologies nor husbands. We, new feminists, need no husbands because we are not women. We need no ideologies because we are not a people. Neither communism not liberalism, No catho-muslim-jewish refrain. We speak another language. They say representation. We say experimentation. They say identity. We say multitude. They say patrol the banlieues. We say, mestizise the city. They say debt. We say sexual cooperation and somatic interdependence. They say human capital. We say multi-species alliance. They say horsemeat. We say let’s ride horses to escape the global slaughter together. They say power. We say potential. They say integration. We say open source, they say man-woman, White-Black, human-animal, homosexual-heterosexual, Israel-Palestine. We say do you know that your apparatus of truth production no longer works? How many Galileos will take, this time, to get us to re-learn to name things and ourselves? They wage an economic war on us by swinging their neoliberal, digital machetes. But we are not going to mourn the end of the Welfare State – since the Welfare State was also the psychiatric hospital, the centre for the integration of the disabled, the prison, the patriarchal-colonial heterocentric school. It’s time to put Foucault on a dis-queer diet and to write the Death of the Clinic. It’s time to invite Marx to an eco-sexual workshop. We cannot play the card of the disciplinary State against the neoliberal market. Both have already made a deal: in the new Europe, the market is the only reason of government whose only function is now to recreate the fiction of national identity on the basis of securitarian fear. We do not want to be defined either as cognitive workers or pharmacopornographic consumers. We are neither Facebook, nor Shell, nor Nestlé, nor Pfizer-Wyeth. We do not want to produce either French or European. We are the living, decentralized network. We reject a citizenship defined by our power of production or reproduction, we want a total citizenship defined by the sharing of techniques, fluids, seeds, water, knowledge…. They say that the new clean war will be waged with drones. We want to make love with drones. Our insurrection is peace, total affect. They say crisis. We say revolution.

(Translation Tiziana Terranova)

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