El corazón real (Salvador Dalí)

Reality Properties: Fake Estates (Gordon Matta-Clark)

Starting in the summer of 1973, artist Gordon Matta-Clark purchased fifteen lots in the city of New York, fourteen in Queens and one in Staten Island. The specificity of these plots is to be tiny residual areas, often inaccessible parcels of land escaped for some reasons to the rules of the grid and the interests of the real estates. These “unuseless” spaces, sometimes even narrower than a person’s shoulders, were… [+]

Extracción de la piedra de la locura (El Bosco)

Pedestal del mundo (Piero Manzoni)

The Clock (Christian Marclay)

Artículo en El País

One Year Performance (Tehching Hsieh)

I like America and America likes me (Joseph Beuys)

When Joseph Beuys died, earlier this year, the question arose as to what would happen to his reputation now that he himself was no longer around. With his unforgettable appearance, his status as the ultimate antiestablishment man in an ever more conformist age and the beautiful open courtesy with which he would treat those who sought to make mock of him, he was the indispensable leaven in a world that,… [+]

747 (Chris Burden)

747 January 5, 1973. Los Angeles, California. At about 8 am at a beach near the Los Angeles International Airport, I fired several shots with a pistol at a Boeing 747.

Uninvited Guests (Edvard Munch)