Holy Bible (Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin)

‘Right from the start, almost every appearance he made was catastrophic … catastrophe is his means of operation, and his central instrument of governance.’ – Adi Ophir For their version of the Holy Bible, Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin mined the Archive of Modern Conflict with philosopher Adi Ophir’s central tenet in mind: that God reveals himself predominantly through catastrophe. The format of Broomberg and Chanarin’s illustrated Holy Bible mimics both… [+]

Beweiße (Jakob Mohr)

The psychiatrist Hans Prinzhorn began collecting for his famous Museum of Pathological Art the same year that Tausk published his essay “On the origin of the ‘Influencing Machine’ in Schizophrenia” (within a year Prinzhorn had acquired forty-five hundred works, which are currently housed in the Psychiatric University Hospital in Heidelberg, Germany). One of these images illustrates an Influencing Machine in strikingly graphic form. The artist was Jakob Mohr, a farmer… [+]

Birth Project (Judy Chicago)

Judy Chicago collaborated with more than 150 needleworkers during the Birth Project (1980-85) to create dozens of images combining painting and needlework that celebrate various aspects of the birth process; from the painful to the mythical. Sometimes witty and always original, this series celebrates the birth-giving capacity of women along with their creative spirit. Birth Project works were toured by Through the Flower to over 100 venues, then gifted by… [+]

Iconoclastia anticolonial

Purépechas, Morelia / Fray Antonio de San Miguel San Juan, Puerto Rico / Ponce de León Indígenas Misak, Cali / Sebastián de Benalcázar Indígeneas Misak, Popayan / Sebastián de Benalcázar

Once Upon A Time In Shaolin (Wu-Tan Clan)

Wu-Tang spent six years recording the 31-track double album, which was packaged in a handmade silver and nickel case. At the time it was produced, band member RZA stated he wanted the release to be viewed as a piece of contemporary art. The one-of-a-kind album was originally bought by convicted ‘pharma-bro’ Martin Shkreli in 2015. It was revealed last year that the album had been sold by the US government… [+]

Manifiesto de la mujer futurista (Valentine de Saint-Point)

Queremos glorificar la guerra –única higiene del mundo– el militarismo, el patriotismo, el gesto destructor de los libertarios, las bellas ideas por las cuales se muere y el desprecio de la mujer. F. T. Marinetti – Manifiesto futurista La humanidad es mediocre. La mayoría de las mujeres no son ni superiores ni inferiores a la mayoría de los hombres. Son iguales. Todos merecen el mismo desprecio. El conjunto de la… [+]

Birth of Anwulili (Chioma Ebinama)

We Say Revolution (Beatriz Preciado)

It seems that the old gurus of colonial Europe are bent on wanting to explain to the activists of the Occupy, Indignados, dis-trans-queer-lesbian-intersex and post-porn movements that we cannot be revolutionary because we have no ideology. They say ‘ideology’ exactly like my mother said ‘husband’. Well, we need neither ideologies nor husbands. We, new feminists, need no husbands because we are not women. We need no ideologies because we are not a… [+]

La voz humana (María Ruido)

El silencio material. El lenguaje como territorio de debate / el cuerpo como generador de discurso (después de algunos años…) La voz humana, videoacción realizada en 1997, es un trabajo sobre la violencia del lenguaje, sobre la utilización pública de la palabra y sobre la operatividad de los discursos construidos bajo premisas no consensuadas sino impuestas. Tomando como punto de partida un fragmento del libro de Miguel Cereceda «El origen… [+]

Pteridophilia (Zheng Bo)

Connecting queer plants and queer people, Pteridophilia explores the eco-queer potential.  1.Six young ​men walk ​into a forest in Taiwan, making close contact with ferns. They establish emotional and physical relationships with the plants, relying on their bodies rather than words. Ferns are very common in Taiwan​. They​ are valued by ​indigenous ​people but not by Japanese colonists​ or the Nationalists​. 2​.A man makes love to a bird’s nest fern​ (Asplenium nidus)… [+]